Welcome to Puglia. Welcome to Bambarone La Masseria

Where summer, in principle, never ends

The gods have been particularly kind to Puglia. 250 to 300 days of sunshine a year make the region deep in the south of Italy not only a summer dream destination, but also a destination where summer never seems to end. Even in autumn and winter, life takes place outside, because the daytime temperatures often reach 18 to 20 degrees and almost never less than 12 to 15 degrees.

This is exactly where Bambarone La Masseria is located, among centuries-old olive trees and within sight of the wildly romantic coastline with countless small bays with clear turquoise waters. A carefully restored masseria converted into an elegant B&B with individually designed rooms, its origins probably date back to the 15th/16th century.

The rooms not only have their own balcony, loggia or even private terrace, but also their own access directly from the Corte, the central courtyard of the ensemble.

Just relax

Bambarone La Masseria has 6 rooms. And no two are alike. Before the conversion into an exclusive hideaway, the rooms had very different functions. After all, this is a masseria that has grown over the centuries, room by room, to its present appearance. We are already curious which room will be your personal favorite.

How to start the perfect day?

When you can start the day in the middle of a historic frutteto, surrounded by the scent of sun-warmed oranges and lemons, with a breakfast that leaves nothing to be desired, there is not much missing to make this day the perfect day. What do you think?

Sometimes a shady spot is the real luxury

Anyone who has ever had to get into their car after leaving it unprotected in the Apulian sun, even if only for an hour, will appreciate a place sheltered from the sun. At Bambarone La Masseria, we have a shady spot for every guest under our pergola.

Giovanni Saracino is a magician when it comes to the gardens of the masseria. He knows the secrets of the soil and the plants of the Macchia that grow on it. And we firmly believe that he can speak to the centuries-old olive trees.

How about a little more comfort and luxury? One of the „Bagni“ could be a good choice. For example „Agavi Beach“ not far from Capitolo.

City or beach? What about city beach? Monopoli, for example, offers both.

When it comes to the best beach, …

… everyone has their own secret tip. For some, a luxurious lido is the epitome of the perfect beach. Others rave about the wild beaches in the middle of the Torre Guaceto nature reserve. Just half an hour to the south. And still others are completely enchanted by the small, intimate coves hidden among the rugged cliffs along the coast towards Monopoli.
We are very excited to see which beach will be your personal #1.

Approx. 5.000 B.C.

The caves of the oil mill under Bambarone La Masseria, like many in Puglia, were probably inhabited as early as the Neolithic period, between 5,800 and 4,000 BC. Then, about 1,000 years ago, they were used as oil mills, stables and dormitories and were the cornerstone of most masserie.

Today, oil is no longer pressed here. But you can still celebrate here. For example, your next event. Just give us a call or send us an e-mail:

The olive groves around the Masseria are still cultivated and produce an excellent olive oil from 100% Coratina olives. A local variety that originated – hence the name – in the town of Corato, about an hour’s drive north.

And yes, you can buy it. Either in the exclusive 1.5 liter magnum bottle or in the handy 0.5 liter bottle. Just send us an email:

We wanted to create a place where you feel like you’re staying with friends. With rooms that radiate comfort and become a personal refuge.

Bambarone Art Foundation

Olive trees are true works of art. Created by human hand. To exist next to them, succeeds only equal works.

The Bambarone Art Foundation has set itself the task of promoting young talents of all art disciplines, who may in turn create works of such greatness.

Music and instrument making

Sculpture park


Bambarone String Quartet Pre-Masterclass Oct 25th - 29th, 2023

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Prof. Eckart Runge, founding member of the renowned Artemis Quartet

The Kleio Quartet, winner of the 2023 Carl Nielsen International Chamber Music Competition

Behind the scenes of the Pre-Masterclass with Prof. Eckart Runge and the Kleio Quartet

If you’ve ever wanted to get a behind-the-scenes look at a string quartet master class, this is your chance. From October 25-29, 2023, the Kleio Quartet, winners of the 2023 Carl Nielsen International Chamber Music Competition, will study works from Franz Schubert’s core string quartet literature under the direction of Prof. Eckart Runge, founding member of the renowned Artemis Quartet.

And you can be part of it. At the rehearsals as well as at the concerts. Places are limited. So if you are interested in attending these unique events on October 26, 27 and 28 as a guest, please contact us so that we can put you on the exclusive guest list. Attendance is free of charge.

We are looking forward to you!

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