Room #5

Lu Mieru

The term “mieru” means wine in the Apulian dialect and comes from the Latin word “merum”. It means pure, genuine, sincere and was already used by the Romans to distinguish Apulian wines from the inferior “vinum”, a mixture of water, honey, resin and other additives. In the smaller adjoining rooms of this large room, where the bathroom and shower are now located, during the uncovering of the foundation walls two large ancient stone vessels were found embedded in the floor, which were probably used for the ageing and storing of wine. We have therefore dedicated these rooms to “Lu Mieru”, and we’re sure you will agree that this is well-deserved.

33 m²
1 x (180 x 200 cm)
Sofa bed (160 x 200 cm)
Up to 3 persons
Terrace with private garden | large antique tuffstone fireplace

How many bathrooms can you remember where you had enough storage space for your cosmetics? Probably very few, if any. At Bambarone La Masseria, we took this into account right from the planning stage. Here, for example, in the form of a restored historical workbench.

In detail
  1. Large bed with integrated bench made of solid chestnut wood (180 x 200 cm) with extra-high cold-foam mattresses and toppers
  2. 43“ smart TV that connects to your smartphone to stream your favorites from Netflix, Prime, etc. in the highest quality. You’ll find the right drink to go with the movie well chilled in your minibar below
  3. Comfortable sofa bed (160 x 200 cm) with high-quality upholstery and slatted frame
  4. Loggia with outdoor seating area and view into the “corte”
  5. Spacious bathroom with shower, toilet and bidet
  6. Historical tuffstone fireplace
  7. Open closet for your clothing
  8. Ground level terrace with private garden

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